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Wonder The Movie

Okay, as you all know I have read the book Wonder, I loved it, it made me cry and made me look at things differently. So, I’ve been trying to find the time and the money to watch the movie. Well, the movie is on amazon prime now. So, I got to watch it for free. Well not completely free but mostly free.

Having read the book before seeing the movie was a great thing because I knew a little bit more about what was going on in the movie. The movie made me cry more than I thought it would. Most of it was sad tears but there were a lot of happy, pride tears. I don’t know what it is like for someone like Aggie but I do know what it is like to feel so alone you don’t know what to do. I am really glad that I watched this movie. I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was a little different than the book, but they followed it for the most part. The only reason it isn’t 5 of 5 is because there are some scenes from the book that I wish the movie had in them, like the hearing aids, to me that was a big part of the ending of the book. But other than those parts of the book I was in love with the movie. I am going to try and watch more book/movies and tell you guys what I liked about them. If you would like to read what I thought about the book click here.

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Wonder The Movie



Wolfe’s Aventures.

*I can’t find the writing prompt that this came from, but I am going to post it anyways.*

“Mis. Wolfie are you in there?” The Man says from the other side of the door. there is six people with him “We are coming in.” the man says. then I hear the door open “Find her.” he says, “We need her alive and unharmed.” I wish I knew who they worked for.

“Boss she is nowhere to be found.” the woman says. thank god they didn’t look in the next room.

“She has to be here we seen her walk into this room.”

“Boss, the window was open when we came in here? could she have jumped. since she is a vampire she could make it through the four-story jump?”

“Fuck I didn’t think to put someone outside in case she went out the window.” few I thought for sure that someone seen me jump to the next window. “Let’s go.” When I see all seven of them get into the car I walk out of the and plug my headphones into my ears and start to play bartender. as I walked out of the hotel I seen my bike was still sitting outside. I love how they have no clue what I drive or how I get from place to place within days.

“Hey lady can you help me cross the road?” an old man asks me.

“Yeah why not.” I say not really caring, because I had all the time in the world. Once I helped the man across the street he handed me a five Dollar bill. “Thank you. You are so kind.”

“No problem. You helped me I will help you get lunch.”

“Thank you.” I walked across the street to my bike and went to the closest gas station and filled up. It felt good to give them the slip that easily. Could they be from my family’s work? No, I don’t think they pay someone that much to find me, I think they think I am dead because this is the first time in six years they have found me. I have been on the run for most of my life. As far as back I can remember. I have always wondered why I am running but then I remember that these people I am running from killed my mother and father. I hate being who I am. I hate to being on the run. I just want to have a normal life, where I can go to school and have friends and have a happy family one day. Bam, someone hit my bike. “Who the hell do you think you are?” I yell when I see someone getting out of the car. I try to get up but can’t move my legs.

“Why weren’t you paying attention to the cars around you?” says a man. “You could have been killed.” He yells. “You’re lucky it is just your legs.” He binds down. He goes to touch me, but I flinch away. I smell the people that were at the hotel. I start looking around to try to find where they are, but I can’t find them. “Let me take you to the hospital?” I shake my head and try to get up. “Your legs are looking really bad, let me help you.”

“No. I will be found.” I focus on where the pain is and heal it. I get up and pick up my bike. “Thank you for trying to help me.”

“I FOUND HER!” The guy yells as I hope on my bake and ride away as fast as I can.

*I don’t know why it didn’t show the story. I am so sorry about that. I know it is short but that’s all I can come up with for now. Do you like it so far? If so comment telling me what you liked about it. Don’t forget to leave a like. Also tell me if you guys would like some more.


Snappy Mouse*


Midnight Thoughts


Why can’t I get his tan slim face out of my head? Every time I close my eyes I see his viberten blue eyes. His kisses were so different from what I’m use to. They were rough but gentle. They say vampire’s eyes are red but that’s incredibly partly true. They turn red when they drink blood by force. Xavier has never done that. I know that much. He wouldn’t even drink from me even though I told him to. He was different from all the other vampires I’ve met. He was sweet until another man said something about a women’s Honor. He would defend any women and child. He always wanted children but he knew from the moment that he was turned that he would never have kids because he couldn’t put them through what he went through being turned. Let alone doing it to someone he fell in love with. When we met he was 355 years old I was only sixteen. He tried so hard to stay away from me. He even tried to leave but didn’t get to far because some dumb ass thought it was a good Idea to talk about my family. I don’t really know what he had said But Whatever it was Xavier Came Back Quickly and never wanted to let me out of his sight. I knew that he was going to protect me even if it costs him everything. He was something that I always wanted. After a year I told him that I started Liking him. He Looked So Scared that I felt So Bad But I couldn’t help it he was everything that I ever wanted in a man. I couldn’t just let him walk away from me. I knew it was wrong. But I knew from the get go that I wanted him. Things gotten awkward weird for about six months. That was until I said I’m giving up and going to marry Kevin. That pissed him off. He screamed “So, me Being here means nothing to you?” I was shocked that he cared about me like that. “I didn’t think you would’ve Cared. You’ve been so distant since I told you that I liked you. What changed?”



I’ve always seen people’s auras ever since I was little. Living with someone who couldn’t see them made me look crazy when I wasn’t crazy, I knew of someone who could see them as well. What I was seeing they had seen too. They weren’t my age but still they told me the truth about it because I could sense it. I’ve always knew when people were lying to me about something. I just never knew what was the lie and what wasn’t. Now that I am older I can see their aura change when they are lying. It may be as small as a flicker in the aura. It normally turned a dark red almost black in one spot. I could tell that she was lying to him from a few feet away. It wasn’t something that I could change because I didn’t know the two, but I just couldn’t sit there either. So, I gotten up and walk up to them and started talking to him. He was so sweet, when he told me he wanted to finish talking to Sarah. I look at ‘Sarah’ and she is looking back and me. All I could see was evil. So, I turned towards her and challenged her with my eyes. She knew he was now under my protection. She looked taken back. She asked him if he knew me. He said no. I turned back to him and smiled sweetly saying I would like to get to know you better. His eyes lit up. She growled. I looked back at her.

“How long have you two been together?” I ask.

“Oh, we’ve been together for a long time.” She says. I laugh looking back at him.

“I wasn’t ask you, I was ask him.” He looks confused.

“We are not together right now, She wants to though.”

“Kevin please, let’s just go home and sort this out.” He laughs,

“Sort this out? You cheated on me with my own brother and had me raise his kid thinking that it was mine. How do we sort this out?” He finishes his drink and I reach out my arm and he takes it. “See you later Sarah, Tell Kara, I love and I’ll see her first thing in the morning.” We walk away.

“I’m sorry.” Is all I say. He hushes me and smiles sadly.

“I knew for a long time that she was messing around on me but I never thought that it would be him. What a shitty birthday this has turned out to be.” He dryly laughs. I stop, rutted in my place. Kyle standing at the door. Kevin looks at me and then at Kyle.

“He shouldn’t be here.” I whisper. I close my eyes.

“Who Kyle?” Kevin asks. “He’s always here around this time.” I open my eyes to see Kyle walking towards us.

“Jessie didn’t think I would see you here ever again.” He says mesmerized.

“Didn’t think I would be back after all these years?” I shot back. Kevin looks back and forth between the two of us but says nothing.

“Look Jess-”

“It’s Jessie now.” I interrupt him. “Save the broken promise for someone who wants to hear them.” I pull Kevin out of there and away from him. “I am so sorry you had to see that. It’s been a long time since I was last here.”

“Why? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I don’t mind at all. He is why I left. I swear that I would never come back.” I say looking up at the dark sky.

“Why did you come back?” he presses.

“That’s for another time.” I smile sweetly again.

“Really? After you seen my ex you want to see me again?” My smile widens.


“Jessie” Kyle says walking out of the bar. “Look, I need to tell you Xavier, has been looking for you. Be careful.” I laugh.

“He is looking for me. No, you got it all wrong I’ve been looking for him. Since I am back. I’ll see him tomorrow.” I turn and look at Kevin. I hand him my number, “Call me tomorrow night, if you want. Since Kyle will probably tell you to stay away from me, right Kyle?”

“Yeah, your nothing but trouble.”

“I hope you call. But I got to run. My sister is waiting for me. I stopped in here to get a few drinks before heading over to her place.” I say walking away from them as I turn the corner I stop to listen.

“Kyle, what’s your deal with her? She was nice.” Kyle laughs.

“Jessie is anything but nice. Please stay away from her. I’m pleading with you. Just stay with Sarah. She is safer than Jessie.”

“Sarah, is nothing to me!” he growls. “Jessie, may be in your eyes “bad” but all I can see is goodness in her.”

“Kevin, you don’t know what your getting into with her.” Kyle shots back.

“The unknown isn’t always bad.”

“This unknown is Bad”

“Pal, you’ve been hear longer than me but the one thing you don’t know is that not everyone is bad.”

“You don’t know her like I do.”

“You knew her. She said it’s been a long time since she was last here, she could’ve changed. You’d never know.” I hear footsteps towards me and run.


I will be writing more on this. I think I might post again this week. This is not from a writing prompt. I came up with this one on my own. I am so happy to share this with you guys. I’ve been writing it for the last hour. I’m really happy about it. Like, Comment, Share and Follow. Have a great night and Day!



Midnight Thoughts

Writing prompt #4

Use a tombstone, a first kiss, and a butterfly collection

Today my mom got me tickets to the local butterfly collection, in downtown, Pottsville, VA. It’s about two hours from my house but it is worth it. “Thank you so much, mom,” I say over the phone.

“You are so welcome. Now you need to meet Jason, at the info desk, for you walk through.” Says my dad. “He is going to go everywhere with you for the next two days. Okay?”

“Yes, dad.” I knew there was a reason why they got me these, it’s a blind date. “Wait, dad, Is this a blind date?” I ask even though I know the answer already.

“Sweetie why would we do that?” my mother asks which tells me it is.

“Why can’t you just tell me the truth?” I snap hanging up the phone. I walk inside to the info desk, just to say that I was there.

“Are you Rose?” a cute man asks me. I nod my head. “Oh thank god, I just got here I thought I missed you.” He says laughing, I laugh along to make the best of this uncomfortable situation. “You’re very pretty, you know that right?” I shake my head and point to my glasses. “Just because you have them doesn’t make you any less beautiful.”

“Okay, I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but did my parents put you up to this?” I say. He shakes his head. I wish people would tell me the truth. My parents have a lot of money, and this isn’t the first time they paid someone to go out with me. “Please tell me if they did because I will still do this just so you can get to know me. But they have done something like this before. So it won’t hurt my feelings.”

“They offered to pay me, but I said no because I wouldn’t want to do that to my child, I would want them to find someone without my money’s help.” He snaps.

“Oh, oh, I am so sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, I’ll just go now.” I go to walk away but he grabs my hand and pulls me back to my spot.

“I didn’t mean for that to come out the way it did, I just know how it feels when money is used to find happiness.” He says looking away. “I was in love at one point but my parents were paying her to stay with me, but when they died she left me the day after.” I get up on my tip toes and hug him He wraps his arms around my waist and I squeal. After a few minutes, we pull away.

“I am so sorry I don’t know what got ahold of me,” I say blushing.

“It is fine. Thank you for doing that. Now I have to take you out to eat to try and pay you back for doing that for me.” He rambles on. I just put a finger up to his lips.

“If you were trying to ask me out I would love to go get something out to eat.” Then I remember where we are. “After this please?” I ask nicely. He nods, “You like beautifies to?” I ask looking around trying to hide my nerves.

“No, but I would love to learn more about them. So lead the way.” He says bowing like I am a queen or something.

“Okay,” I grab his hand and pull him toward the first stand. That is how the rest of the day went until about five or six pm when he was finally saying that he was hungry. So we went to Bods crab shack and got something to eat. When my mom called I sent it to voicemail because I didn’t want to talk to her.

“Who was that?” he asks looking up from the menu,

“My mother,” I say looking up at him. “She’s most likely calling to find out if we hit it off,” I say shrugging.

“You should talk to her more because one day you won’t have them.” Right after he says that my mom calls again. “Answer it I don’t mind,” I answer it.

“What’s up mom?” I ask

“Your dad…” she sobs.

“What about daddy?” I ask probably looking scared because Jason gets up and comes over to my side to hold me.

“He’s in the hospital,” she says

“Which one?” I ask not letting her finish.

“Phil’s hospital,” she says sobbing.

“I’m on my way,” I say hanging up the phone. I turn to face Jason. “I need a ride,” I say he nods placing a tip on the table and walking me to the door.

Where do you need to go?” he says walking me to my car.

“Phil’s hospital,” I say and he starts driving.

“I kind of figured that from what you have been saying.” He says rubbing my hand. “It’ll be alright.” He says taking his hand away to drive.

“I am so sorry I would understand if you just dropped me off and never came back.” He shakes his head.

“No, I won’t do that for one.” He says smiling. “Also I want to go back there to the beautify thing just to see that beautiful smile.” He says trying to chare me up. “Come on I want to see that smile.” He says as we pull into a parking spot. “Alright,” he says getting out and coming over to my side. He pulls me out and pulls me into a hug and I start crying even more. “Come let’s go.” He pulls me inside the old hospital. “Here to see Kevin Link.” The nurse says he is in room 12. As we are walking into room 12 I see my father on the bed fighting for his life.

“Daddy,” I say running over to him. “Please don’t leave me, I still need you,” I say hoping to get something back. “I love you.” I say with tears in my eyes, “I know I haven’t been the greatest child lately and I haven’t said that I love you but I do.” And he flatlines. “No” I yell sobbing. Jason comes over to me and pulls me into his arms. “I am so sorry this isn’t how you wanted this to turn out. It’s all my fault. I wish I said I love you more.” I sob.

One Week and three dates Later.

“Wow, I can’t believe my dad is really gone,” I say as we drive to Ohio to bury him. “Mom are you okay?” I asked looking in the back seat and seeing she is zoned out I turn back around. “I hope she will be okay.”

“Sweetie, she will be,” Jason says.


Midnight Thoughts

Writing Prompt #3

At first, we thought the black liquid was oil, that we’d struck it rich and that we’d be able to retire and live leisure. We actually started writing down all the ways we’d spend the money. Our first choice was…
Well, my first choice is something that I have always wanted, my two brothers and my sister don’t think that I should buy this first but what do they know about buying a house? The house I want, has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms. It is five floors. The house its self is over 1 million so it would be best to buy that first. My oldest brother, Jack, wants to buy a bar. He has always wanted to own a bar. He has never changed his mind, which I find funny because the rest of us, have changed the things we wanted. He is the only one that has not changed his mind. Then, my older brother, Kyle, hasn’t really nailed down what he wants but I think that h would put it into a savings account for his son, James. Who is so cute, but I might be biased on that one. I wish I had kids but I can’t have any. So, in the next four years, hopefully, I will be adopting some kids, which is the main reason why I want to by that house. My twin sister, Kelly, wants to pay for her wedding. I think that it is a great idea, at the same time I think that she should put the money towards the future. I know that getting married is planning for the future but I don’t think that she should put it all toward the wedding. I can’t really tell her that she shouldn’t do what she wants to do because it would make bad blood between us and I don’t want to do that. I love her and want her to be happy. I don’t think that she should marry Jeff, but what do I know about love? It’s not like I have been married for the last three years. She thinks that Jeff is ready to be married? He goes to the club every night on her dime. I think that he wants her because of her money. I’ve tried to tell her that he is using her and it didn’t go over really well, so, I’m not going to go down that road or a similar road again. I don’t want to lose my only sister. My brothers feel the same way that I do but we know that she will never listen to us, so we don’t say anything.