Midnight Thoughts

Read First Midnight Thoughts Explained

So, how these are going to work is that I will post random things in the category. Things that might get used in my book or not. I would ask that you not copy my random thoughts, if you think you can make a story or something out of it please message me which one you would like and if you are going to be posting it, where it will be posted. I just want to know that it is getting used.

Another name for these are Morning Thoughts. I changed the name of it because I am not a morning person. Also most nights I am up at around midnight so I can be working on them. I will be posting thoughts that come to mind that I think will make a good novel or short story.

My life is hectic right now. So I will be post when I can. I know that I should post something in the category everyday and I will try. With that in mind please understand that I am a full time college student, I also work full time. So this is something that I will be doing when I have time. I love writing. Writing is something that takes stress away from me. I don’t understand why that is but it is.

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