Midnight Thoughts

Midnight Thoughts

So, this is the first midnight thoughts that I have been about to do. I am just going to be writing about what is on my mind. It will be one sentence pre-number. So, don’t be made at me if they don’t make complete since to you. If you don’t understand please ask and I will try to explain it better. So, here goes nothing.

  1. Why can’t people understand there are some people out there looking out for them?
  2. I didn’t mean to sound mean when I said that “you aren’t doing that right.”
  3. People need to thing about other when making choices.
  4. What I do or don’t effects others.
  5. Everything I do has some form of a bad outcome.
  6. It sucks that mu partner can’t have kids right now.
  7. Life isn’t always fair.
  8. Why can’t someone just hug me and tell me that it will workout in the end, even though they themselves don’t know if it will.
  9. I just want to go hide in a hole.
  10. I hate myself for loving someone I can’t have.
  11. Keep talking and nobody explodes is really fun.
  12. Today is my fathers birthday.
  13. I wish I could see him today but I can’t because he is working today.
  14. It sucks to work on your birthday, but that’s life.
  15. Why does someone have to go through things to try and understand said thing?
  16. Why is it so hard to keep up on my daily things?
  17. August seems like a nice kid.
  18. Via is a good big sister.
  19. I don’t think I would be able to do what she is doing.
  20. Green wall for a den doesn’t look very good.
  21. The color is puke green or that’s what I think it looks like.
  22. This is somewhat hard to write what it going through my darn mind.
  23. It’s running at mile a second and I can barely keep up.
  24. I want to go back and fix my mistakes when I am writing.
  25. But that will slow this down.
  26. I know I need to fix them but I also what to get this done before 1 o’clock.
  27. I think that is all for now.
  28. Wait I want to get to 30 before I am done.
  29. I can’t think of anything else.
  30. People can be so mean.
  31. Night everyone.
  32. Enjoy you night.
  33. Love you all.
  34. Yay, I got it done by 1 am.

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