About Me., Creative Women

My unique Strengths as a creative Woman.

What are my strengths as a creative Woman?

Being a creative woman is somethings that every woman can be. Being creative is something that we are born with, it is something that we can also learn. Some are better at it than others but that’s only because of practice and natural born talent. I have unique strengths that make me a creative person. I can think of a few that help me out the most.

The first strength that I have is being able to think quickly. There are times my mind is ten steps ahead of me. When I am thinking quickly, I can come up with scenes quicker. This also helps to keep me in the mindset of my characters. This strength helps with my writings as well as my school work.

The last strength is that I can see things from someone else’s point of view. I can see how my character or others character’s will react to all the situations that I put them in. Since I know how they will react I can write different outcomes and see which one best fits my story. I also save the others for writing exercises, for when I have writer’s block. This strength helps me when one of my friends are asking why did someone react this way to a situation.

These two strengths I know that I am covered when it comes to thinking creatively. Thinking quickly helps in a lot of ways. So does seeing something from someone else point of view. Those are the two strongest strengths that I have. I don’t think so highly of myself and hopefully that will change by the end of this book. Writing is the one thing that I have been able to do for most of my life. When I was writing this, it made me think extremely hard on what my strengths were and I am thankful for that, it also showed me that I have something to be proud of.

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