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Creative Play

What kinds of creative play did I love to do back when I was younger? Are there any clues in that joyful play as a child that can serve me as a creative woman now?

When I was younger I used to play all types of role-playing games. There was this one game I used to play with a friend in our backyards. Our backyards were back to back, so he could stay in his yard and I could stay in mine. We used to play as if we had powers. We would act out all the characters, every single one. It was amazing. If we were to get it in the game, we would fallback or we would have a limp. This went on for about two years or so. We ended up having about five people playing whenever they could but we played almost every day. It was so fun. I miss it. I all had to worry about back then was school, writing and hanging out with friends. I wish life could’ve stayed like that, but my grandpa passed away and I quit playing/ hanging out with friends. My cousin would come over every weekend and we used to play at the park but even then, I wouldn’t even hangout with her. I miss the good old days before everything went wrong.

The way this can help me as a creative woman is because I can start role-playing again and try to have fun with friends again, well if my life allows. I can also do as what my grandpa always told me to do. That was to keep a smile on my face even when everything is falling apart. I sure can try, it’s really hard to keep the light on in the dark. I’ve learned to keep a face smile on my face, but I think he meant a real smile. Keep smiling someone might be falling in love with that smile. Smiling is something that he did all the time. On another note I could reach out to my friends and lean on them for help. Everyone needs friends or a friend. I know that everyone is different but at the same time we are all the same.

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