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What did I enjoy when I was elementary school age? What was my favorite books, movies, music and other activities?
When I was elementary school age, I used to play tag, football, soccer and other sports with my uncle and the other boys that lived around us. I lived with my grandma and uncle. My mom was off with her boyfriend (who wanted me to live with them). My grandma worked a lot to make sure that I was going to the best school. So, that left my uncle to watch me when he was home from school. So, I was raised to love sports, but that all went away when the man in my life that I looked up too passed away in 2010, My grandpa. He was one of the best man that I knew. He would work and have me on the weekend. He would take me to see my mother when my grandma said no, I wasn’t allowed to see her. But this isn’t about them, it’s about the things that I liked to do as a child.
I would write random stories, but I hated reading. Now I love reading. Reading was that one thing that I couldn’t do. My little mind was raising so fast that if I picked up and book I would put it back down because I never wanted to read. I was always forced to read, by teachers and my grandma. My uncle didn’t care if I read as long as I knew how to read. He didn’t think that it was something that should be forced on a child. I had a reading disability as well, so it made it a lot hard to read at the pace that everyone else was. So, that played into as well. I didn’t have a favorite book when I was younger.
My favorite movie when I was younger, was Lady and The Tramp. I used to make my uncle watch it with me all the time. It had gotten to the point that he knew every word to it, I was only four years old. It was the only movie that I watched back then. My grandma and My uncle would say no anytime that my younger siblings would ask to watch it. I would just sit back and laugh. There is 11+ years between us. So, when my only brother was born I was 11 years old. I would just laugh every time they would ask to watch that movie. When they would ask me why I am laughing, I would always say that it was my favorite movie and we would end up watching it. My grandma and my uncle would playfully glare at me for playing it.
My favorite music? I can’t ever not be listening to music. I listen to just about anything. When I was younger music was the only thing that helped me do my homework. It is still that way. Music helps me with everything I do. As I am writing this blog post I am listening to music. Okay, my favorite music when I was younger was anything and everything that my uncle played. When I was younger I wanted to be just like my grandpa and my uncle. I still want to be like them, but I went down a completely different path. The thing is that music is something that has stayed that same in my life. Music is what makes me smile a real smile. It also helps me cry when I know that I need to cry. It also stops me from cutting myself again. So, music has become my life line.
Overall, my childhood was rough, but I loved almost every minute of it. Well before 2010, after 2010 everything became an uphill battle that I was losing. It’s still an uphill battle but it’s getting easier to fight. I guess that is because of time. Time has shown me different ways to fight the same battle over and over.

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