About Me., Update

Busy Days.

So, I am trying to write posts everyday. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but the past two days I have been really busy with school work and my friend wanted to hangout with me since I wasn’t working. We went to the Zoombezi Bay on Tuesday. On Wednesday I had done a lot of my school work plus went over to friend’s boyfriend’s house and worked on some more school work along with my novel. I’ve also been trying to think of somethings that I want to go up on the blog.

Along with working on my novel I knew that I needed to write up some good blog posts. WFirst Novelhich is hard to do. I’m thinking I might to a character interview. Mainly because I want you guy to know more about my character’s. But I don’t know if I should make the interview about the book or about things that are going on round me. I still have some time to think on that. I’m still waiting to get Unwind. Hopefully I will get that soon so I can get to reading it. Here is what my first chapter looks like so far.

I hope all of you are doing well, I know I am doing better today than somedays. Somedays will be harder than others but I need to focus on the good or better days. Have a great day and week.

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