About Me.

My favorite memory and The memory I will never forget.

My favorite memory


It was Courtney, my grandpa and I were on our way Florida and Courtney was in the front set and had to go pee and I was making fun of her because she had a pee dance. Then Courtney and I started laughing because she had the hold car shacking. My grandpa was inside getting us a room to stay in. when we got into the room Courtney and I races to the bathroom. I got there first.


The memory I will never forget.


May 5, 2010, my grandpa passed away. I was dancing and playing games with my aunt Crystal and my uncle Matt and my four cousins (Courtney, Cole, Jesse And Kaykay) when my mom walked through the door after spending about four days at the hospital with my grandpa, who had a massive stroke on May 1, 2010. I knew the moment she walked through the door, with her tear stained face, something was very, very wrong I knew for a fact that she would not leave the hospital unless he had passed away. I right when I see her I take off running to the only place I knew I could go and that was to park, where me and him would go to talk about how school was going or my side of something that happened. I ran as fast an I could until I got there. Once I got there I dropped to the ground and balled my eyes out for what seemed hours. I had just lost the one person I could talk to about anything and know he wouldn’t judge me. For the 15 Year old me, I had just lost everything, my hopes and dreams where gone with him. They were going to be put in the ground with him later that week. The once fun and loving person everyone knew and loved was gone and replaced with a person who rarely did anything outside of her room, who would cry all the time. Someone no one wanted to be around. I didn’t want to get to know anyone for the fear of them leaving me like my grandpa did. So I just wanted to die so I could to be with my grandpa and never hurt again. That first night is when I cut myself for the first time. When I felt the sting from where the cut was, it made me feel like I was alive. From that day on I had cuts on my arms and legs from every time I would fight with one of my family members or one of my friends. The cutting to take the pain away went on for about two to three years. Until my mom found out and take me to the one place I never wanted to step foot into again and that was a hospital.

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