Midnight Thoughts


This is something that I found in a flash drive from school.

The night sky is really pretty in the middle of nowhere!

How can I live in the middle of nowhere?

How is it going to be better for me?

How I am I going to make new friends in the years it took me five years to feel like I fit in?

Not only that how am I going to tell my best friends that I am leaving?

Wow in the time it took me to really understand what it felt like to be loved it was over I was moving away!

How is it when I started to love everyone around me I have to start all over again with new friends!

And a new school and a new home!

Why is it so hard to say goodbye when you do not know if you are ever going to see them again!

Why do you tell them you love them when everyone that is older then you tells you “You do not know what love is?”

Why is it when I fall on love my family wants to move?

It is going to be really hard to say goodbye!

I Do not want the school year to end I want to stay in this school until I do not have to!

Another year is going by so fast!

Losing friends left and right!

Don’t know what to do?

I have asked for help but never got the help I was asking for!

Seams everyone hates me again!

Don’t know what I did.

If someone asked me what I did I would not be able to tell him/her what happened what just went down!

What is happening in my life!

Life is all about ups and downs.

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