Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #2

85120578fff63235016b7ddddf1d5542Sleeping has never been easy. When I hear my old pack howling every night makes sleeping even harder. I left my old pack because the Alpha was an ass and would always beat me. So, my pack mates were told they couldn’t talk to or see me because I left the pack. I am not in another pack yet. I will be heading off in a few weeks once I know that my sister won’t be hurt because of me leaving the pack.

“Jacob, I know you aren’t allowed to talk to me but please tell me you will take Sarah in as your own sister please,” I plead. Please say yes. I need to know that she will be taken care of.

“Look, Leo, please understand that she will be looked out for by the pack. With that in mind please don’t call here again,” he hangs up. Hearing him say that doesn’t help me. Something doesn’t feel right. So, I call Sarah. After three rings she picks up.

“Bubby,” she whispers.

“Is everything okay,”

“Sarah, who are you talking to,” a male asks.

“No one Xavier,” she says hanging the phone up. She’s with Xavier? Why would they be together? I call Xavier,

“Hello?” he says on the first ring.

“Xavier, please tell me you are taking care of my sister,” I demand. He laughs.

“So, you’re the one that she called,” I sigh.

“I called her. Tell me you are going to take care of her,” I’m trying to keep calm but I am starting to lose my cool.

“Why wouldn’t I take care of her, she is my mate after all,” Mate? Why didn’t he say anything before now?

“Why didn’t you say something before now,” I ask confused.

“Because she wasn’t old enough to have a mate and she had you to protect her. Now, that you are gone she needed her mate. So, here I am,” I guess I can respect that. “Now, I need to go. Alpha Rider, won’t be too happy if he finds out that I am talking to you. I just know how much you care about Sarah. That’s why I am telling you all this. Bye,” He hangs up. I set my phone on the bed and let the tears fall. I can’t believe I didn’t know my sister had a mate. I lay on the short side of the bed. Before I knew it I was sleep.

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