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Ghost Story?

Your character moves into a new apartment.  On the surface, the place seemed ideal, but his/her first night there, your character discovers a terrible problem with the place that he/she didn’t take into account

As Kelly and I up the stairs to my new apartment, I notice that the apartment next to mine has DO NOT ENTER tap all over the door. Why would they put that up on the door? I just keep walking into my apartment. She walks back toward my room “There’s three-room? Your job must be really good since you don’t need a roommate.” She says putting one of the last two boxes, in the living room. “What are you doing again?” she asks walking into the room I was in.

“I am a writer. You know this.” I say turning to face her. “And I hate how I had to move to be closer to work, but I got a really good price on this place.”

“How much of a good price?”

“$775 a month.” I turn back to my desk.

She gasps again. “I didn’t realize the time. Mom’s going to kill me if I don’t get home soon.” She hugs me from behind. “I will call you when I get home. I love you, sissy. Bye.” She runs out the door. Well, now it’s just me. I start unpacking my writing room.  There was a loud sound from the living room. I grab the scissors I had been using and walk out toward the living room and see no one is there. I notice one of the boxes on the floor. Wow, sometimes I could be pardoned sometimes. Turn and walk back to the room I was working in. It took a good three more hours to unpack the whole room. Wow, it really does get dark early, well at least my bed is already set up. I walk into my room and see it isn’t set up. “Fuck,” I say. Well, it looks like I am on the floor tonight. I get my pillow and blanket. I set up a makeshift bed on the floor. As I start to fall asleep something falls in the next room. I get up to check what it is and I see a little boy in the room. “Who are you and how did you get in here?” I ask.

“You can see me?” the little boy asks. The boy looks like he can be seven years old. With dark blue eyes and reddish hair.

“Yeah can’t everyone see you?” I ask. He shakes his head no. “Why not?”

“Because I am dead.” He says and he disappeared. “no one’s ever seen me before. Expertly not a pregnant one.” He says

“I’m not Pregnant. I can’t be.” This ghost is being really rude.

“Yes, you are. I can smell it on you. And I can hear its heartbeat.” He says reappearing “And telling by the look of you are more than three months. Well, I will see you later.” He says disappearing again.

“Why do you keep doing that?” I yell.

“Will you shut it down there. People are trying to sleep.” Someone yells from upstairs. Well, I am going to have to research this place and find out what happened to the little boy. I lay back down and close my eyes but I can’t sleep because someone’s staring at me. So I roll over and see the little boy really close to my face.

“What’s your name?” I ask trying to find out something about him.

“Mama always told me not to talk to strangers.” He says.

“Okay,” I say he looks about seven years old.

“Now go to sleep before I make you.” He says disappearing again. I do as he says for fear that he will hurt me if I don’t. When I wake up, I text Kelly, ‘Kelly, something is so wrong with this apartment. I think it is haunted.’

‘Your joking right it can’t be haunted. There’s no such thing as ghosts.’ She texts back.

‘I wish I was joking…but I am not joking.’ I text back.

‘come on Jessie. I know your joking.’ she texts back

‘NO… I am not’ I text back

‘what can I do?’ she texts back; the thing is I know she ain’t believing me but I will go with it just to get her to do what I need her to do.

‘it’s a little kid about the age of seven and I need you to look up a death.” I text her.


‘Call me when you get the info’

‘Okay.’ I start trying to figure out more about the little boy in my apartment. I first search the address. 224 Southwest St, Apt. B. Blanket high, Ocean. I put into googles search. A new paper article comes up from seven years ago about a reopening. Why would they need to be reopening? I click on the article, Jay’s Apartments reopening after a very triatic death. What the hell is going on around here? I skim through it and see nothing of a seven-year-old boy in. So I close the page and start looking at some other one. When I came to the fifth one it said Seven-year-old Samul Jackson was found dead, in the apartment building that has been empty since the owner passed away four years ago. It’s Samul, I can’t believe that I am seeing him. Is it really him? “Samul? Are you here?” I say I hear a faint gasp.

“yes. How do you know my name?” I can’t tell Kelly who this is she will definitely think I am crazy.

“My name is Jessie Jackson,” I say back.

“Like my little sister?” I nod my head. “You’re so old though. It’s still 2002.” He says

“No it’s 2017 and I am 21 and you would be 21 as well,” I say as the tear fell. Just like the first time I found out my brother was missing and when they told us they found him dead, in the big city, and from that day on I found writing as my best friend. “Do you remember Kelly?” I ask. She is only three years behind us.

“Yes, I do.” He says back a little louder than last time.

“She was here with me yesterday. Helping me move into this place.” Just then it hits me again he said I was pregnant. “Am I really pregnant?” I ask.

“Yes, you are. Who is the father?” the tears come even more. “Did I say something to upset you?” I shake my head.

“He Dead Last Month,” I say putting a head over my belly. “Now I have something his family is going to try and take away from me.” I start sobbing.

“NOOOOOOOO” he screams, “I don’t want to.” He says getting really mad. “She is my sister! That’s why she can see me.” He says again. “Fine.” There a gust of wind “I will see you tonight.” And then he was gone. I called my doctor and made an appointment to see her. The earliest they could get me in was at 10:30 am and I took it. It is now 7:30 am it takes about two hours to get there from here so I need to leave very soon. As I am in the car I start thinking about some of the past things he and I used to do. I think I am going to write about them and make it into a novel. I start thinking of how I was going to do that. Time went by a lot faster than I thought it would, so I stopped down the street from my doctor’s office and got me something to eat. As I am sitting in the doctor’s office I start writing in my little notebook of things I want to write about. Like the time he and I went fishing when we were five years old. Dad finally thought we were old enough to sit still for a long time. Well looking back, he was wrong, but it was still fun. We were getting ready and I thought it would be a good idea to bring my favorite book with us so I could read to the fish. Our dad didn’t know that I brought the book and so when we got there Samul took my bag away from me because I made him mad, and though it into the water. “Jessie” the nurse calls pulling me out of my thoughts. I get up and follow her doing as she asked me to. “room three is the room we have saved for you.” She tells me. I walk back to room three and sit on the table. “The doctor will be with you in a minute.”

Sorry, this isn’t on time. The person I had editing it took longer than he said he would. So, I am so sorry. Tell me if you would like more of this story. I went out of my safe zone to write this. 


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