Midnight Thoughts

Sunday update.

So, this week has been so hard, school wise. I have been working on a project all week that is due today. I’ve been trying to sit still and do all the work that I need to do. That is the hardest thing for me because I have ADHD and I am not on any meds for that. So, it is very hard to focus on a lot of things. Since the room that I do my school work in has windows, I get distracted very easily by things running around outside. So, to fix that I started staying up later and have been doing ALL my school work at night. The only problem with that is, my teacher isn’t online at night so if I come across something that I don’t understand I have to stop until I hear back from my teacher. So, it is a little longer to do some of my school work.

I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft this past week. I am in love with this game. The Sunday updates are something that I love doing because it shows me all the things I have completed during that week. I might not put all of it in the post but it is helping my self-esteem. It’s showing me that I am doing good things. I try not to rant in these posts because I wouldn’t want to read someone ranting all the time. I try not to post things that I wouldn’t want to read. These are most likely going to be short, but there might be some that are very long. I might rant in a few of them because of something that I think that you guys should know.

Thank you for reading and have a good day and night.

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