Midnight Thoughts


Why can’t I get his tan slim face out of my head? Every time I close my eyes I see his viberten blue eyes. His kisses were so different from what I’m use to. They were rough but gentle. They say vampire’s eyes are red but that’s incredibly partly true. They turn red when they drink blood by force. Xavier has never done that. I know that much. He wouldn’t even drink from me even though I told him to. He was different from all the other vampires I’ve met. He was sweet until another man said something about a women’s Honor. He would defend any women and child. He always wanted children but he knew from the moment that he was turned that he would never have kids because he couldn’t put them through what he went through being turned. Let alone doing it to someone he fell in love with. When we met he was 355 years old I was only sixteen. He tried so hard to stay away from me. He even tried to leave but didn’t get to far because some dumb ass thought it was a good Idea to talk about my family. I don’t really know what he had said But Whatever it was Xavier Came Back Quickly and never wanted to let me out of his sight. I knew that he was going to protect me even if it costs him everything. He was something that I always wanted. After a year I told him that I started Liking him. He Looked So Scared that I felt So Bad But I couldn’t help it he was everything that I ever wanted in a man. I couldn’t just let him walk away from me. I knew it was wrong. But I knew from the get go that I wanted him. Things gotten awkward weird for about six months. That was until I said I’m giving up and going to marry Kevin. That pissed him off. He screamed “So, me Being here means nothing to you?” I was shocked that he cared about me like that. “I didn’t think you would’ve Cared. You’ve been so distant since I told you that I liked you. What changed?”

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