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Ghost Story?

Your character moves into a new apartment.  On the surface, the place seemed ideal, but his/her first night there, your character discovers a terrible problem with the place that he/she didn’t take into account

As Kelly and I up the stairs to my new apartment, I notice that the apartment next to mine has DO NOT ENTER tap all over the door. Why would they put that up on the door? I just keep walking into my apartment. She walks back toward my room “There’s three-room? Your job must be really good since you don’t need a roommate.” She says putting one of the last two boxes, in the living room. “What are you doing again?” she asks walking into the room I was in.

“I am a writer. You know this.” I say turning to face her. “And I hate how I had to move to be closer to work, but I got a really good price on this place.”

“How much of a good price?”

“$775 a month.” I turn back to my desk.

She gasps again. “I didn’t realize the time. Mom’s going to kill me if I don’t get home soon.” She hugs me from behind. “I will call you when I get home. I love you, sissy. Bye.” She runs out the door. Well, now it’s just me. I start unpacking my writing room.  There was a loud sound from the living room. I grab the scissors I had been using and walk out toward the living room and see no one is there. I notice one of the boxes on the floor. Wow, sometimes I could be pardoned sometimes. Turn and walk back to the room I was working in. It took a good three more hours to unpack the whole room. Wow, it really does get dark early, well at least my bed is already set up. I walk into my room and see it isn’t set up. “Fuck,” I say. Well, it looks like I am on the floor tonight. I get my pillow and blanket. I set up a makeshift bed on the floor. As I start to fall asleep something falls in the next room. I get up to check what it is and I see a little boy in the room. “Who are you and how did you get in here?” I ask.

“You can see me?” the little boy asks. The boy looks like he can be seven years old. With dark blue eyes and reddish hair.

“Yeah can’t everyone see you?” I ask. He shakes his head no. “Why not?”

“Because I am dead.” He says and he disappeared. “no one’s ever seen me before. Expertly not a pregnant one.” He says

“I’m not Pregnant. I can’t be.” This ghost is being really rude.

“Yes, you are. I can smell it on you. And I can hear its heartbeat.” He says reappearing “And telling by the look of you are more than three months. Well, I will see you later.” He says disappearing again.

“Why do you keep doing that?” I yell.

“Will you shut it down there. People are trying to sleep.” Someone yells from upstairs. Well, I am going to have to research this place and find out what happened to the little boy. I lay back down and close my eyes but I can’t sleep because someone’s staring at me. So I roll over and see the little boy really close to my face.

“What’s your name?” I ask trying to find out something about him.

“Mama always told me not to talk to strangers.” He says.

“Okay,” I say he looks about seven years old.

“Now go to sleep before I make you.” He says disappearing again. I do as he says for fear that he will hurt me if I don’t. When I wake up, I text Kelly, ‘Kelly, something is so wrong with this apartment. I think it is haunted.’

‘Your joking right it can’t be haunted. There’s no such thing as ghosts.’ She texts back.

‘I wish I was joking…but I am not joking.’ I text back.

‘come on Jessie. I know your joking.’ she texts back

‘NO… I am not’ I text back

‘what can I do?’ she texts back; the thing is I know she ain’t believing me but I will go with it just to get her to do what I need her to do.

‘it’s a little kid about the age of seven and I need you to look up a death.” I text her.


‘Call me when you get the info’

‘Okay.’ I start trying to figure out more about the little boy in my apartment. I first search the address. 224 Southwest St, Apt. B. Blanket high, Ocean. I put into googles search. A new paper article comes up from seven years ago about a reopening. Why would they need to be reopening? I click on the article, Jay’s Apartments reopening after a very triatic death. What the hell is going on around here? I skim through it and see nothing of a seven-year-old boy in. So I close the page and start looking at some other one. When I came to the fifth one it said Seven-year-old Samul Jackson was found dead, in the apartment building that has been empty since the owner passed away four years ago. It’s Samul, I can’t believe that I am seeing him. Is it really him? “Samul? Are you here?” I say I hear a faint gasp.

“yes. How do you know my name?” I can’t tell Kelly who this is she will definitely think I am crazy.

“My name is Jessie Jackson,” I say back.

“Like my little sister?” I nod my head. “You’re so old though. It’s still 2002.” He says

“No it’s 2017 and I am 21 and you would be 21 as well,” I say as the tear fell. Just like the first time I found out my brother was missing and when they told us they found him dead, in the big city, and from that day on I found writing as my best friend. “Do you remember Kelly?” I ask. She is only three years behind us.

“Yes, I do.” He says back a little louder than last time.

“She was here with me yesterday. Helping me move into this place.” Just then it hits me again he said I was pregnant. “Am I really pregnant?” I ask.

“Yes, you are. Who is the father?” the tears come even more. “Did I say something to upset you?” I shake my head.

“He Dead Last Month,” I say putting a head over my belly. “Now I have something his family is going to try and take away from me.” I start sobbing.

“NOOOOOOOO” he screams, “I don’t want to.” He says getting really mad. “She is my sister! That’s why she can see me.” He says again. “Fine.” There a gust of wind “I will see you tonight.” And then he was gone. I called my doctor and made an appointment to see her. The earliest they could get me in was at 10:30 am and I took it. It is now 7:30 am it takes about two hours to get there from here so I need to leave very soon. As I am in the car I start thinking about some of the past things he and I used to do. I think I am going to write about them and make it into a novel. I start thinking of how I was going to do that. Time went by a lot faster than I thought it would, so I stopped down the street from my doctor’s office and got me something to eat. As I am sitting in the doctor’s office I start writing in my little notebook of things I want to write about. Like the time he and I went fishing when we were five years old. Dad finally thought we were old enough to sit still for a long time. Well looking back, he was wrong, but it was still fun. We were getting ready and I thought it would be a good idea to bring my favorite book with us so I could read to the fish. Our dad didn’t know that I brought the book and so when we got there Samul took my bag away from me because I made him mad, and though it into the water. “Jessie” the nurse calls pulling me out of my thoughts. I get up and follow her doing as she asked me to. “room three is the room we have saved for you.” She tells me. I walk back to room three and sit on the table. “The doctor will be with you in a minute.”

Sorry, this isn’t on time. The person I had editing it took longer than he said he would. So, I am so sorry. Tell me if you would like more of this story. I went out of my safe zone to write this. 


Story Time

Happiness comes in many ways

This is an old story that I wrote a few years back.

I was on a boat. there was seven people on the boat with me. four of them were men and three of them was women. the women looked 18 or 19 years old. three of the men looked 20 or 21, but the driver looked like he was 21.
the driver stops the boat. “hey, Jade come here.”
I walk over to him “Yes?”
“We’re here. Lets go swimming” as I start walking to the side of the boat he grabs my arm and pulls me to me. “You look very sexy, Jaden, I love that you are my girl. I love you, Jaden.” he kisses my forehead “Thank you for coming out here with me.”
“You’re welcome. I am glad I came. can we swim now? I love you to, Jason”
he picks me up and thoughts me out of the boat and as I hit the water he jumps in after me. everyone is cracking up because I freaked out when he through me.
we swam for about two hours before we got hungry, and got back into the boat to head back to shore.
as we are heading back Jason’s brother Cody asks “so where did you meat my older brother?”
“I meat him in math class. he was siting in front of me.”
“how long did you know him before you started to date?”
“I known him for three years now. We have been dating for about one month now. Why the questions?”
“who wants to hear a joke?”
the other girls say at the same time “yes we do”
“okay. Why did the girl cross the road?”
“why did she crass the road?” the girls say
“so she can say she crossed it twice” they all start cracking up. I am the only one who is not.
Jason noticed that i didn’t get it. he stooped the boat and called me over. he asked me “can I kiss you. I know you want to take it slow, but I am dying to kiss you, Jade.” he was looking me in the eyes his dark blue eye told me that he really wanted to kiss me, just like I want to kiss him but I don’t want him to know that I want to kiss him. As I stared into his eyes he looked so scared. I was wounding why he would be scared…”Please, Jad…” before he could finish my name, I had kissed him. he had pulled me close to him. I felt his strong arm go around me, holding me close to him, my arms went around his neck.
Cody says “Can we get a move on to get back to the shore before we died of starvation?” I pull back when he says that because it made me really embearcist.
I could tell that Jason was not to happy. I wasn’t to happy about it neither, but I will not tell any one about it because I can see where he is coming from.
“Cody!” Jason says, i could tell it was a warning tone.
“Jason, it is okay.”
Jason looks at me. “Are you sire?”
“Yup i am sure.” no i am not i thought to myself.
he pointed to the set back where he is at. i sit in the set without any questions.
Cody says “We all know she is yours from the way you kissed her. also i don’t think that any of us guy would try to take her from you in front of you…”
“Cody! i am warning you, if you don’t want me to beat your butt. i would shut up.”
“Jason! please stop fighting with your brother and pay attention to what you are doing please.” says one of the girls.
“Jason, i think when we get back i am going to go home, instead of going out to eat.”
“Are you sure you doing want to go with us?”
“i am really tried and i don’t want to be a bitch to everyone because i am tried.”
“oh. okay.” I felt so bad because he looked so sad.
As we road back it was way to silent for me but I did say anything. when we got back I started walking to my car after saying “goodbye Jason. I will call you latter to night.”
Jason says “I love you, Jade. OK call around six o’clock tonight OK?”
“OK that sounds great. I love you too Jason”
I get to my car and got in and as I was shutting my door Jason came running up to my car saying “Wait, Jade, Please wait.”
why does he want me to wait? what’s going on? now he is at my car door. he looks like he feels like he can’t breathe. so I hand him the water bottle I have in my car because I was about to take my medicine and I didn’t want him to see the new medicine I on just yet. but now I guess he will now. “save me some water please” he hands me the rest of the bottle. I put the medicine I have in the weekly med holder and put Sunday in my hand and put them in my mouth.
“hop out I want to drive.” he says
“because you have new medicine and I want to drive”
“Oh. OK I get out of the drivers set and we walk around to the side of the car and I reach for the handle and he grabs and moves it away as soft as he can. he opens the door for me.
he shuts the door and walks in front of the car so I can see him and he hops in the drivers side and say “ready to go?”
“what about you car?”
“my little brother is driving it home.”
“oh. I guess I am ready,”
“OK then.” he turns the car on. he puts the radio on 97.9 WNCI. My favorite song is on, same love by Mackelmore. i start sing along with song, and Jason starts sing the guys part as i sing the girls part.
As we pull out of the parking lot and the song ends. he turns down the radio and ask “where do you want to out to eat. i am paying this time because i am the one asking.” he looks over at me and smiles then his eyes are back on the road where i would like his eyes to stay.
“Is your brother meeting us there?”
“No! Why?”
“Because he likes sexist jokes.”
“Oh. Okay. Well do you want to go out to eat with me or do you want me to take you home and call my brother to come and pick me up?”
“Yes i want to go out with just you. where are we going out to eat at?”
“You will find out when we get there.”
“do i need to change my outfit?”
“No. You look sexy in that outfit. its not somewhere fancy.”
it turn the music up again so we can rock out to it again. the song that is on is red by Taylor Swift I sing along with it and Jason looks like he doesn’t know what to say to me knowing all the words to this song. I think it is funny.
it takes about one hour to get to where ever we are going. outside near the road it a sign that says home dinner the place is painted blue with a red roof, the front door is green, that just makes me wonder how he found this place so far out away from the city. and.. “Its a little dinner but they have great food. how would I know that is what you are think, right?”
“Yeah. how do you know of this place?”
“this was my mom favorite dinner, before she past away about five years ago. She die from lung cancer, she didn’t even smoke. I have not been back her since she died. her best friend owns the place. My mom helped her make the payments on the place until it was paid off, it was paid off one year before she died. she told me to ‘Bring the girl you want to marry here and see if her best friend likes her because she was like a mother to you and that is the lest you could do for her.’ she also said give this to the girl I plan to marry.” he hands me the box “don’t open it till i am done please.”
“okay i will wait”
“she it is okay if it is two different people you want or plan to marry as long as one gets both of these, and you are the first I have want to marry and plan to marry. You are the first one I have ever talk to about my moms death, and the first I brought here, also you are the first and only one that is getting what is in that box.”
“Can I open it?”
“Yes you can”
I take a minute to exam the little black box. the box’s size is about one inch in length, with and high. I open the box. As I open the box I see a necklace. The necklace is gold with white gold as the clasps. I picked it up, it was real. it was really real. I knew he Father had money but I didn’t know it was this kind of money.  
“Did you’re dad give this to your mom?” 
“yes he did.” 
“it has her name on it that is why I asked.” 
“Yeah my dad told me it did but I couldn’t find it. where is her name on it?” 
“It is in the part that holds the necklace together. See here it is.” as I point to it and leans over to show him. 
“oh. I never thought to look there. I got to give it to my dad he was smart to put it there.” 
“thank you. I love it. how bout we get out and you put it on me.” 
“Okay. You are very welcome. Jade you know I love you so so much.” 
“I love you too, Jason” 
“are you hungry?” 
“yes i am.” 
“lets go eat.” 
we go inside and it is painted the same way it was painted outside. i feel like i am home, witch is a really good thing. there is a women behind the counter, i think she is the owner. 
“Jason? Is that you?” 
“Yes it is! How are you doing, Miss Kathy? Where is Nicole and Justin?” 
“They are around here some…who is this you are with?” 
“It is my girlfriend!” 
“WHY IS SHE WEARING YOU’RE MOTHERS NECKLACE?” she yelled and she sounded scared at the same time mad. 
“she is wearing it because I brought her on my mom’s orders, she said ‘Bring the girl you want to marry here and see if her best friend likes her because she was like a mother to you and that is the lest you could do for her.’ And she said ‘give this to the girl I plan to marry’ that is why she has it on. So if you want to yell please don’t do it in front of her she is that one that I will be with for the rest of my life.” 
“JASON!” a kid that looks about thirteen years old comes out of nowhere and runs up to him, and behind her comes a boy that looks his age. 
“Nicole it is nice to see your smile face. Justin long time no see?” 
“yeah it has been how long again, about six years?” 
“Justin bitter I see. and I am sorry I just got my self to come down here. you that my mom was down here everyday. so when I come down here I think of her and start to…” cry is what I think he was going to say because there are tears rolling down his face. 
“so I hear you guys have the best food all around.” I say to try to get everyone in a batter mood. 
“oh my god is the jade?” Justin says 
“yes it is.” 
“I think she is more sexy than you led on in the letters.” I could see Jason getting mad, “so you made her yours?”
“Yes I did make her mine” he pulls me in closer to him. “So how girls ave you had since the last time i seen you?” 
“i would say about one. she has my child. we are living on our own.” Jason look really worried, “i am just here because i work here. so i see she has that necklace you said that you don’t think anyone would be good enough to wear it.” 
“how old is the kid?” Jason asked 
“His name is Carson and he is three years old.” 
“I like his name.” i said trying to make light of all of this. “i want to meet him. is he the one little boy in this photo?” 
“yes he is, my little grandson.” Kathy said 
“he is so so cute.” i said “so I hear you guys have the best food all around?” 
“Yes, we do” she says 
“OK. can i have the top best one the menu?” 
“soup or sandwiches?” 
“OK. It will be ready in a few minutes. pick a set and i will bring to you.” she say. she looks at Jason a Little worried. “make sure you take care of this one, Jason. i like her”
“i knew you would like her. she try’s so hard for everyone around her to be at peace.” Jason looks from Kathy to Justin “so who is the girl?”
“You know her in the same way i know her. she is the that was you first time for everything.”
“i am glad you found you happiness with her, i just hope she found her happiness with her, you know why that ended right?”
“yeah, she cheated on you?”
“Yeah that is right.”
“do you do anything wrong when it comes to girls?”
“i try not to.”
“wow, where is the guy i knew that would take any risk that he wanted, pushed everyone’s buttons?” Justin
“He had to grow up.” Jason says
“He owns…” Jason cuts me off and says “maybe it was not right of me to bring her here without telling you in person but i didn’t think Justin was that bitter towards me.” i look at him when he was done i step away from him, and Justin comes up behind me and says “does he treat you the way you should be treated, Jade?”

“Yes he does! he is a sweet, caring and proactive of me.”
“Oh. He does? then why are you backing up way from him?”
Justin says
“Because of you! you pissed him off, and i have never seen him this mad before today!” i say
“Justin leave her alone.” Jason says in the same tone he used with him brother. “she didn’t do anything to you.”
“No she didn’t,” he looks at me with a smile that makes me uneasy and scared.
“Can we please find a set and stop this before it turns into a fight.” i say to Jason 
“Yes we can.” Jason says 
He puts his arm around me, and leads me past a picture. i stop to look at the picture and i see Miss Kathy and Jason, and i am going to guess that other women in the picture is his mom, I look around and see more pictures of everyone that works here. seeing those pictures makes me think of my past and my parents, i only seen pictures of them because they died two months after i was born, so i was put into foster care, and they never told me what happen to my parents they just gave me the pictures and told me that they do not know how they died but all they know is that they died. i grow up in so many homes i am not use to have people be around for a long time. And in one of them is seen again. Justin knows my past, he was a big part of it… “Jade are you okay?” Jason asks pulling me out of my thoughts.
“Yeah i am. why do you ask?”
“because there are tears running down your face” he says
“OH. There is tears” i say like i wasn’t doing anything beside looking at the pictures.
“Yeah” he wrapped his arms around me and it made me cry even more.
“we need to talk. Jason we really need to talk about my past.”
“what about? Jade is everything okay?” he said
“I mean tomorrow. we are having a heart time. I don’t want it to be about me right now. okay?” I say not wanting to talk about it now. he moves his arms and I head to the bathroom
“Jade! what’s up? long time no see!” Justin says
“Please don’t tell him anything yet. I need to talk to him about it yet. I need time before I talk to him!” I say, started to cry again.
“look you say the word and I will not come near you, Jade I love you. I always loved you!” Justin says
that made me cry even more. he wrapped his arms around me and says into my ear “I am sorry I made you cry.”
I pull away and say “its okay. I am just not liking my past come flying in to play in my new life now! I am past my past but it came back in my face so quick to the point I could not hold my self together. that’s all. I want to hang out me and you, but not until after Jason knows about my past.” I say

*As I was typing this I can’t seem to find out why the text looks different throughout the post. I hope you guys don’t mind. *

Story Time

Story Time

So, today I wanted to tell you guys a little story. I don’t plan on adding to it right now but that may change later. Like the post if you like the story. Keep in mind that it’s a rough draft. So, the grammar and spelling may not be at the best. I just wanted to share this with all of you guys.

Risking Rose

By: Jackie Willauer

“Please, Grand Master, I’ll try harder, I promise,” I say getting down on my knees. I am only saying this so I don’t end up on the street again. I’ve been living here for the last two year, and I know if he doesn’t like someone he will find anything to kick them out. I stare at him with pleading eyes.

“Here at Hanged Manner, you do something wrong two times you are thrown out.” He says looking up from his papers. “What, you’ve been here two or three years now?”

“Two, sir.” I say lowering my head.

“What makes you different from the rules?” he stands.

“I’m pregnant.” I say weakly

“You’re what?” he asks narrowing his eyes.

“I’m pregnant.” I say a little louder. This is the first time I seen the old man’s ice blue eyes soften.

“Who is the father?” he asks after a few minutes.

“Do I need to tell you sir?” I ask, He is going to kick me out. This isn’t something that he takes lightly.

“Yes. Now tell me.” He says sternly.

“You’re grandson.” I say looking at the ground. I hear him grab the phone on his desk. He dials a number.

“Justin,” he says making my head snap up in fear.

“I’ll just leave no need to get him.” I whimper.

“Get your ass down here. You, young lady sit, your butt on the couch.” I nod as he slams the phone down. Within four minutes Justin was in the office, breathing heavy like he had ran all the way down here. He looks over at me, his eyes widen and then narrow at me. I scoot over trying to get away from him. “Tell me when this happened.” The Grand Master snaps at Justin.

“When what happened?” Says Justin.

“When did you think having sex with someone staying here was a good idea?” he yells

“So, she told.” Is all Justin had to say.

“Well, she’s pregnant. So yeah, she told. It’s not like she had a choice in the matter.” I did have a choice, I didn’t have to tell him, I could have said nothing and packed my stuff and left. Not like Justin would have noticed.

“She’s what?” Justin says looking at me.

“I’m just going to pack my bag.” I get up and head towards the door. Justin grabs my arm.

“When were you going to tell me? Huh?” he slaps me.

“Justin let her go. Rose, sit your butt back down.” He says. I groan. “When were you going to tell him?”

“I was going to tell him when he started treating me with some respect. We have been having sex for six months now and all I am to him is a sex toy. So, telling him didn’t even cross my mind.” I say truthfully.

“So, what I didn’t need to know that I am going to be a father?” he asks with his eyes filled with hate.

“You do need to know but I wanted some respect from you first. You were drunk the first night we had sex and since then we have had sex every night. You had gotten drunk about six weeks ago and I did to. I guess we had sex more than once that night because that’s the only night I don’t remember” I say getting wet just thinking about the past six months. Justin looks at me,

“You remember every time but one?” he asks looking shocked. I nod.

“It felt so good to the point I never wanted it to end.” Justin walks over to me and kisses me hard. Making me become wetter.

“You two are getting married.” Grand Master says making us pull apart. I nod. Justin shakes his head.

“I’m not ready to be married yet.” He says backing away from me.

“I’m don’t care. You had sex and now she is pregnant. So, you need to step up.” He walks to the door. “Also, if you want your trust found then you are going to marry her.” Then he leaves,

“Rose?” he steps closer as I stand up.

“What? I need to get some-” he kiss me hard. I start kissing him back as he picks me up. Without breaking the kiss, he lays me down on the couch. I pull back. “I need some space. You need to think about what the hell you want,”

“I know what I want.” He says leaning in to kiss me again.

“No, you don’t. One minute you want me and the next you are treating me like shit. So, no you don’t.” I push him. He slowly gets up. I get off the couch. “Please come and find me when you know what you want.” I walk out the door.

“You’re not cutting me out of this. It’s My child too.”

“I’m the one carrying it. So, I can leave without you stopping me.” I say weakly. I need to do this I need to get a clear mind. I can’t keep doing this. I make it up to my room to find the grandmaster sitting on my bed. “I need to leave.” I say.

“Is it that bad between you two?” He asks not looking at me. He has a picture frame. He finally looks up, the tears falling from his face. “I took him in because his mother and father died on a boating trip. I knew he would bring trouble with him, but I didn’t know that he would do this. I’m sorry, for what he has done.” I sit next to him.